Wine Tour – Kallmet

Kallmeti Winery is located in the village of Kallmet, 25 km south of the city of Shkodra, in the area of Zadrima. The Great Kallmeti is an old settlement with continuity from antiquity to the present. This feature has influenced the development of an original culture in some aspects. Two of the most interesting are the dressing of girls and women in all white clothes (the continuation of the Illyrian dress) and the tradition of wine and olive oil production.
Kallmet grape is an Albanian variety, unique and of high quality for wine production. Kallmet variety, also called the king of the north, is the old-fashioned variety known in the country, as evidenced by the medieval chronicles of Zadrimes Red Kallmeti, one of the favorite wines of Catholic Popes
Package is offered in April -November, it includes Shkoder – Kallmet road, farm visit, degustation of wine, lunch with traditional cuisine. The guide lasts 4 hours and costs 40 euro x person.
Join with us for a beautiful day!

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