Tour Village Day – Kapinove


Kapinova is  a mountain village located in the Tomorri Natural Park’s area, 16 km east of the Berat.  The village has natural beauty, meadows, medicinal plants, blackberries, apples, nuts, etc. Residents are also treated with vineyards and are distinguished for the production of various liquors. The traditional dishes are pies  and raki, lamb and chicken meat cooked in baking pan . Kapinova is introduced to the list of 100 Albanian tourist villages.

The “Village Day” is 24 hours  package, all included (visit to the village, acquaintance with stine works, traditional foods and drinks, mules excursion to Mount Tomorri, the holy mountain in Albanian culture)

Package includes departure from Berat in the morning, acquaintance with village life, mules excursion to Tomorri mountain, lunch in the restaurant or in the restaurant, in Berat. The package is offered in the April – October period and costs 120 euros per person.

Join with us for a beautiful experience !


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