Tour & Tradition – Boboshtice

Boboshtica is 7 km in the mountain periphery of Korca, the village has been transformed into a tourist attraction for the quiet nature, clean air and the famous Korça cuisine. Many of the families have turned homes into family hotels, turning the village into a real oasis for visitors.
According to the legendary, village was founded in the Middle Ages by a group of Polish crusaders. The old churches of St. John the Baptist (XII century), Saint Mary and Saint Demetrius (XIV century), the picturesque nature of the village, in particular the centuries-old mulberry trees , make this area so attractive. From the mulberries is produced the famous raki, which is the perfect souvenir to be taken from Boboshtica. The village is known for its hospitality and traditional high-level cuisine.
The package is offered in April -November period, the guide lasts 5 hours and costs 50 Euros x person.
Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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