Tour Nature & Tradition -Shiroke

Shiroke village is located 7 km from the city of Shkodra, on the southwest coast of the lake with the same name. Shiroka has always been considered one of the climatic pearls of Shkodra and Albania. The landscape offered by Shiroka is the original, Shkodra lake with the crown of the mountains around, which divide the light into the water’s surface, the fresh air of the mountains, the aroma of the medicinal herbs of Mount Tarabosh, have turned the village into a tourist destination .

Lake Shiroke offers visitors, boat trips, fishing, observation of over 100 species of wild lake birds, while in village restaurants can enjoy the famous baked carp and other various culinary specialties. Other improvisations are a bath in the lake or a walk on Mount Taraboshi.

The package is offered in April-November period. The guide lasts 4-5 hours and costs 50 euro x person.

Join with us for a beautiful day!

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