Tour Nature & Tradition – Osumi Canyon

The canyon is created by Osum River burrowing forests, about 13 km long, 4 to 35 m wide, deep up to 70-80 m, with vertical slopes. The time of its formation is thought to be 2 to 3 million years ago. Visit the large river canyon to impress with the natural beauty and the harmony of vegetation with river water colors. In recent years, the Osumi Canyon has become a popular toursit destination in Albania. It is located about 50 km east of Berat.

Along with the virgin nature and the music of the Osumi waters you can enjoy the traditional cooking of the area and the famous Raki drink. The package is offered in the April-November period, the guide lasts 5 hours and costs 50 Euros x person. Do not miss a wonderful experience in the Bay of Albania

Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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