Tour Nature & Tradition – Lakes of Prespa

Only 20 minutes away from Korça is the Prespa National Park. The lakes of Great Prespa and Little Prespa are the most unknown and beautiful places in the Balkans. The Great Prespa has an area of approximately 300 square kilometers and a maximum depth of 54 m, lies in Albania, Greece and Macedonia. The real protagonist of the Great Prespa is undoubtedly Maligrad Island with the church of St. Mary of the fourteenth century, built inside a cave, considered a sanctuary by the inhabitants of the area.

The Liqenas Village on the shore of Great Prespa is distinguished for the conserved natural environment, the hospitable residents and traditional cuisine with the lake’s products. The package is offered in the April-November period, the guide lasts for 5 hours and costs 50 Euros x person, includes the Korce-Liqenas return route, boat trips to the lake, visits to the island of Maligrad and local cuisine.

Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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