Saffron Tour – Belsh

Before being known as dyestuff or spice in the kitchen, saffron has become widely used as a natural remedy. In ancient times, Persian and Hellenic fighters after returning from the battles made bathing with saffron water to ease pain. This ritual became so popular that Alexander the Great made part of the day the natural cure with saffron.

In Albania, recent years saffron is a culture recognized by Albanian farmers. ‘Zafferano di Dumre‘ is one of the Saffron’s production and export farms in the Dumran region. It is a brand new culture for the Albanian market, with prominent clients who know the value of the plant. The package is offered in October -November, the guide lasts 5 hours (Tirana-Belsh trip, visit to Belshi and Deshiran lakes, participation in saffron harvest, lunch) and costs 50 euro.


Join us for a wonderful experience!

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