Pomegranate Tour – Muriqan

Muriqani is located 12 km near Shkodra at the border with Montenegro, the village is known for its tourist landscape, climate values and cross-border economic exchanges. Positive visitor feedback and local economic development have led to an increase of agritourism in Muriqan.

One of the popular fruits of the area is pomegranate. The northern variety called Devedishe has a medium size, slightly tough skin and lives 6 months after the harvest. Devedishe pomegranate is heavily exported due to its sweetness and low acidity.

The package is offered in the September – October period, the guide lasts for 4 hours and includes the Shkoder -Muriqan round trip, visit to the village, improvisations, participation in pomegranates picking, tasting of traditional village cuisine. The guide costs 40 euro x person.

Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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