Pomegranate Tour – Kozare

Kozare is a village located 15 km north of the west of Berat. The village is distinguished for field relief, two-storey houses and settled areas. Our country has an old tradition in the cultivation of pomegranate fruit, in the kindergartens as a family tradition, after the nineties, began cultivating for the needs of the market.
In Kozare there is also the Berzeshta Farm with about 5000 pomegranate trees of the variety “Maya of Berat”.
The visit to the pomegranate farm comes after a brief visit to the village of Kozares where the main tourist attraction is the 250-year-old Saint Maria Church.
The package is offered in September -October, it includes a visit to Kozare, participation in pomegranates harvesting and enjoying the traditional cooking of the area. The guide lasts 4 hours (all included) and costs 40 euro x person.
Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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