Pomegranate Tour – Cerrik

The plantation of the pomegranates of the Bullari family in Malasen village near Cerrik town,  is a success story in the field of Albanian agribusiness. After 20 years of emigration and experience, Bullari  brothers return and invest in their lands, building among others a plantation with 4 thousand pomegranate trees.

Just 30 km south-east of Tirana, you will enjoy the quiet and undisturbed nature, a conserved and well-developed agro-geography from the working people of the area. The package is offered in the September –October  period, the guide lasts for 4 hours and includes the Tirane-Cerrik round trip, visit to the village and Bullari farm land, improvisations, participation in pomegranates picking, traditional cooking of the area. The guide costs 40 euro x person.

Join with us for a beautiful experience !

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