Olive Tour- Marikaj



Marikaj village is located 16 km west of Tirana, the country’s capital. The village has a long tradition of olive oil production, from the 17th to 18th century Marikaj oil was exported to the Republic of Venice and the capital of the Ottoman Empire. The evidence of this old culture is the centuries-old olive groves that still exist in the hills of the village. The main olive oil factory is the Subashi family factory, which has a farm of 1200 olive trees, mainly of Kalinjot type.

In addition to olive oil in Ferma Subashi are produced products from olive oil, aromatic soaps with olive oil, various seasoned and packaged spices, area tea, olive wood souvenirs and various types of olive oils with different spices.The package is offered in the period October – November, the guide (participation in harvesting olives, oil tasting, lunch etc.) lasts 4 hours and costs 40 euro x person.


Join with us for a beautiful experience !


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