Olive Tour – Drobonik


Droboniku is located 5 kilometers northeast of Berat, considered as the city’s balcony with an old Byzantine church in its center where it is thought that the weddings of the national hero Skenderbeg  are celebrated. The landscape is marked by cherry trees and olives trees as well as characteristic houses.

In the village of Droboniku they have their own olives from many old family families. Olive harvesting and oil production have been more than 200 years of economic and social activity. Days of picking of olives are often scattered in improvised festivals that conserve local culture.

Package is offered in the period October – November, guide is  4 hours and costs 40 euro x person. It offers visits to the village, participation in harvesting of olives and other improvisations in the hospitable environment of the village.

Join us for a wonderful experience!

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