Honey Tour – Boboshtice

Honey Tour is offered by Agritour Albania for tourists and family groups who want to explore the nature, traditions and Albanian land products. The tradition of keeping bees and honey production in Albania dates back to antiquity, Aristotle wrote in the IV century a.c. for the tradition of the Illyrians in the production of honey and honey wine, a highly sought product in the ancient Mediterranean markets.

Boboshtica is situated 7 km in the mountain periphery of Korca, the village has long ago turned into a tourist attraction for the quiet nature, clean air and the famous Korca cuisine. Among the economic activities of the village is apiculture. Honey Tour is offered in two periods: 15 June – 15 July and 15 September – 30 September, guide lasts for 4 hours and costs 40 euros x person, includes visits to village beekeeping, honey harvesting, traditional cooking of region, return journey from Boboshtice to Korce.
Join with us for a beautiful day!

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