Qereshniku is a small village situated between the hills, some km south-east of Berat. Qereshniku is distinguished for its natural beauty, old legends and the hospitality of its inhabitants. The village has developed agribusiness, amongst many agricultural crops it’s  the Fig tree.

The Figs of Qereshnik differs from that of other areas as it grows and grows faster, almost all production is accumulated by Berat marmalade factories. Agritour Albania offers a Figs Tour for all tourists who want to explore the nature and agribusiness of Berat Region, the bio products and the life of the Albanian farmer.

An 6 hour guide includes participation in figs harvesting, visiting the natural beauties of the village and various improvisations in the cheerful companionship of locals. The package is offered in August and costs 40 euros x person. Join with us for a beautiful day!

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