Cherry Tour – Roshnik

A few kilometers from Berat near Tomor Mountain lies the village of Roshnik, one of the 100 tourist villages proclaimed by the Albanian government. Roshniku is known in history as the birthplace of the family who ruled the Ottoman Empire in the 17th-18th century.

Beautiful nature, fertile soil and appropriate climate favor the growth of agricultural crops such as grapes, figs, walnuts, almonds, plums, apples, etc., which are processed by farmers by creating some of their by-products such as: wine, raki , composts, confiture etc.

Agritour Albania organizes a Cherry Tour that includes visits to the village, participation in harvesting , various improvisations, enjoying the traditional cuisine at Boutique Food “Mimani” etc. The package (all included) is offered in the period from May 10 – June 20, the guide lasts 4 hours and costs 40 Euros x person.

Join with us for a beautiful experience !


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